We created downloadable zoom backgrounds to get people out of their meetings so they can spend time with friends. (Presumably while enjoying some delightful vermouth.)

CW: Sydney Solis
AD: Will McLeod



Encourage people to make time for friends during MARTINI TIME.

As the workforce has shifted to teleconferencing apps, the distinction between work and home life has become blurred resulting in people working longer hours than ever before.


How it Works

Emergency Escape Zoom Backgrounds

1. Visit our microsite
2. Select an emergency escape background 
3. Download the static & video files from Google Drive
4. Install to Zoom
5. Use static image as background
6. Use video once you're ready to leave your meeting

Everything you learned from Ferris Bueller is now obsolete. It’s time to get a little more creative with your excuses, and it’s our promise to get you out of work by any means necessary. Personally, we recommend the stove top fire for beginners.